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Cut to Length

A cut-to-length (CTL) line unrolls a master coil of steel, levels it and cuts it into sheets of precise length. The sheets are then stacked into bundles. Our CTL line processes light and heavy gauge carbon and steel.

Some of the advantages you will enjoy if you choose our customer Cut to Length services:


A slitting line works by uncoiling a large steel coil, flattening it, cutting it into multiple narrower rolls (known as slit coils) and recoiling it back into a roll. The coil is cut using circular knives of varying widths. This process is very specific and tailored to customer requirements using measurements of thickness, weight, width, and length.

Using our slitting services will also help you with the following:

Edge Trimming

Edge trimming is one of the best ways to manufacture coils for construction, interior design, and mechanical engineering. Our latest technology is capable of working with metals of any thickness and thereby creating metals of various structures.

You will enjoy the following benefits:

Sheet Cutting

Precision Steel is your “one stop shop” service center that can process your steel coils for your custom application.

Advantages include:

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