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Galvanized Coils are made from a base of Cold Rolled or HR P&O Steel. The Steel passes through a zinc coating process that prevents the steel from rust.


Galvannealed Coils are a type galvanized steel that has similar rust prevention properties with a harder coating that prevents the steel from scratching.

Hot Rolled

A Hot Rolled Coil is the most basic type of flat-rolled steel. It can be utilized in its original form or serve as base metal for Cold Rolled and Coated Steel products.

HR (Pickled and Oiled)

The pickling process removes scale and rust from Hot Rolled Steel. HR P&O products have a smoother finish and are promptly oiled to prevent rust.

Cold Rolled

Cold Rolled coils are cold reduced from HR Pickled Steel. The steel is cold reduced to the desired thickness and annealed to a specific grade.

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